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Immediate Care Medical Center Inc.

Chico Immediate Care will be closing its doors Friday February 17th, 2023.
For more information about the clinic closing, please click here


Press Release February 16th, 2023: 

It is with deep sadness that I write to the patients of Chico Immediate Care and the people of the Chico area on the eve of the permanent closure of CICMC.  After reading the many comments, rumors, and speculation going around I thought the ‘why’ of it all was important to help people understand what happened.  It is not mysterious, complicated, or hard to understand.

16,000 medical practices have closed nationally due to the pandemic.  Soaring costs to provide medical care, inflation, major disruptions in all areas of healthcare practice, and a health care insurance reimbursement system that has been broken for decades for primary care providers.  We have become one of the 16,000.  When reimbursement doesn’t cover the cost to provide services, no practice can stay alive.  That is playing out here in Chico and across the country.  


Dr.Bradley Smith Owner/CEO

How to Request Medical Records:

Highly recommend completing this process on a computer, not a mobile device.

1) Fill out Medical Release:

click here (english)     click here (spanish)


If you would like the medical records mailed to your address, please put the full address on the second highlighted line.

2) Save completed form to your device.

3) Drag and Drop file through our Secure Send portal or mail requests to 645 Mangrove Ave. Ste. 1, Chico Ca 95926.

4) Medical records will be released to the information listed on the medical release form. 

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